We aim towards a significant and genuine contribution to the development of our country. Transforming Connections, our Sustainability Strategy 2020, translates into actions the commitments and goals that we pursue and the challenges that we face.

The most important contribution by our company is the development and strengthening of the country's most strong and innovative telecommunications infrastructure, boosted by sustained investments that guarantee connectivity through high-quality Internet services. We are convinced that technology and telecommunications have a great potential for creating shared value.

We are living in an era that offers great opportunities for the industry. To become the telecommunications leading company in Argentina also means to support the development of the people who are part of our organization and of the community in which we are present.

Digital inclusion and social innovation

The lab approach aims at experimenting, investigating, exploring and discovering initiatives that promote digital inclusion and social innovation. Since 2007, we are the first company in the country to provide free cable TV and Internet connectivity to schools, hospitals and other institutions in the community. We use technology to address and solve social challenges, in partnership with local governments, civil society organizations, universities and other companies.

Main figures: 14,386 connections, ARS 81,752,726 donated for cable TV and Internet services in 2016.

The sum of all connections is composed of the following: Education: 11,833 connections to schools, 16 connections to museums. Health: 997 connections to hospitals and health centers, 413 connections to children's and retirement homes. Emergencies: 112 connections to firefighters and 43 headquarters of the Argentine Red Cross. Citizenship: 1,015 connections to civil society organizations.

Employment and productive development

At each convergence node we seek to contribute to employment and productive development. We currently employ over 12,000 people in Argentina and Uruguay.

Infrastructure and environment

We are committed to do sustainable business taking both infrastructure and the environment into account, enhancing all positive impacts and mitigating negative effects at the same time. Figures to highlight: 1,336,234 customers subscribed to electronic billing; 1,167,600 plastic bottle caps donated (234,033 kg.); 707,828 TV decoders recovered, refurbished and reused; 40% of collaborators at the national level separate waste at source.